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Who Is MindSurf? - MindSurf - Creative Marketing Solutions
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Who Is MindSurf?

MindSurf Founder, Lead Strategist
Renée J. Goldberg

With roots in the TV production, writing and marketing industries, Renée took a leap of faith when she founded MindSurf né GGM Internet Solutions. Her vision was to create a boutique Internet marketing studio specializing in something called Websites.

And, that she did! With her experience, Renée understands the importance of branding, marketing strategy, design, copywriting and envisioning the entire project from concept to reality. She learned that bringing exceptional talent together as a whole brings better results for clients. Miss any one piece and your project may not produce the desired results.

As such, MindSurf has expanded its service offerings from “just” websites to branding across the board. We will create a brand new corporate identity for you, as needed, or work with your existing logo. Creating a complete corporate image as a cohesive, imaginative brand wrapped in a killer website, logo, brochure, other sales materials… and your digital marketing campaign strategies… all developed to position you for success.

MindSurf’s growth has been almost totally organic, built through word-of-mouth and reputation. We pride ourselves on being 98% referral based by delivering high-quality results and services to our clients.


MindSurf is a boutique one-stop creative marketing studio based near the NoHo Arts District of Los Angeles. We specialize in creating beautiful websites and other marketing tools to promote and grow your small to mid-size business.  Our main goal is to help your business thrive utilizing all the vast resources available through the Internet and print media.  

To that end, our work involves developing various marketing and business solutions for you including “everything” Internet, content development, copywriting, various print materials and more.

How about a great website & logo, social media presence and Tri-Fold Brochure that capture your target client? What about an E-Book for your website? Looking to start an email campaign? Struggling with your copywriting and content development?  MindSurf is here to help with all that and so much more!


Celebrating over 20 years in business, MindSurf has the know-how to help make your project a success. Whether it be for the web or print, we have a talented team with a combined experience of over 50 years… all dedicated to you and your business!

Too often people start in business on the wrong foot. Their marketing materials, website, logo, writing, etc. don’t really connect with their target audience… they don’t seem to tell the right story.

Well, MindSurf is passionate about helping you and your business look amazing! We take great pride in helping our clients succeed. Our happiest moments come when we deliver the finished projects and see your smiles, hear your kind praise and positive feedback you received from your clients. Your success is our success.


MindSurf consists of a high-level professional, cohesive team with over 50 years of collective marketing, communication, design, writing, programming and SEO/Social Media experience. We’re a team committed to providing you with the same level of expert service previously available only through a large advertising agency.

When we founded MindSurf, we deliberately decided to be a smaller boutique studio so that we could maintain the highest quality of work, attention to detail and customer service for our clients. Accordingly, we have a limited number of clients and projects at any one point in time so that you have our complete attention.

Unlike so many, we’re here for the long haul, building long-term relationships with our treasured clients. Quite a few have been with us for 5, 10, 15, even 20 years.

Take advantage of our FREE, no obligation consultation… let’s see if we’re a fit. MindSurf is here and ready to work with you.


MindSurf offers reliable and personalized support to all our clients.

We are often available in the evenings and weekends for those clients unavailable during normal business hours.

As well, for our hosting clients, we’re here for you when you need us. No long phone queue lines to then be treated like a number by someone giving you the wrong information.

Your success is our success!