What We Do

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MindSurf’s Major Areas of Expertise

MindSurf is a boutique marketing solutions studio specializing in websites, content development, copywriting and the various marketing tools necessary to help your small to mid-size business thrive.  And, not to be forgotten, we also host and maintain your website and custom email with reliability and expertise.

Celebrating over 20 years in business, MindSurf has what it takes to help make your project a success… whether it be for the web, print or the all-important presentation.  Would you like a great website that not only looks incredible but also speaks to your target market?  Need to write an important business or marketing letter and don’t know what to say… or how to say it?  How about an E-Book for your website?  Need some proof-reading so your fancy videos aren’t filled with typos?  Too busy to keep up with your blog or Facebook posts?  Looking to start an email campaign?  Struggling with Power Point? MindSurf can help with all that and more!

Lastly, we maintain a library of premium domain names so you have just the right name for your project.

Fully Responsive Website

MindSurf's expert programming ensures your website looks great on all screen sizes.

Perfect For All Screen Sizes... Mobile to Desktop

No matter the size of your screen or device, your site will look fantastic.

Premium Engaging Content

MindSurf researches and strategizes the best content for your exact project.

Make Your Content Stand Out From The Crowd

Appeal to your target audience with MindSurf’s content and branding strategy…  whether it be a website, brochure or anything in between.

Enticing, Effective Copywriting

MindSurf produces copy tailored to your business brand that engages your audience.

Fresh Copy That Will Leave Them Wanting More

Many mistakenly skimp on the copywriting, trying to reuse old copy in new places.  It rarely works.  Each medium requires different styling.

Web and Print Marketing Tools

MindSurf can help you create a professional brand, coordinating all your marketing tools.

Email, E-Book/Newsletter, Brochure, Blog, Article, Postcard, Power Point

We take the time to do it right, creating effective marketing communications freeing up your time to do what you do best.

MindSurf’s Other Services

So, now you’ve a website… what do you do with it?!  Well, first of all, you need to place it on a specialized Internet server, which is called “Hosting.”  Not all website designers handle this service, but MindSurf does!  In an effort to offer a complete turn-key solution for our clients, we have invested in a special hosting structure, partnering up with one of the largest providers worldwide… allowing us to provide you a high-level of personalized service for your website and custom email hosting needs.

Now that your website is finished, what’s next?  Well, we like to tell our clients that a website is a “living” document that should frequently change.  The worst mistake you can make is having stale content.  Mix it up a little, add to the site as your business grows.  Add in features that give viewers a reason to return… keep your name in front of them with an email campaign linked to your site, for example.  And, not to be forgotten is routine maintenance to the website software.  It’s the nature of the beast.  But, don’t worry, MindSurf can help with all that and much more.

You’re not ready for a website, but you want a custom email address… you know, something like Brian@FoodForParty.com or Tessa@BusinessAttorneyForYou.com.  Or, maybe, you need a couple more emails including “studio”,  “office” or employee accounts.  Again, MindSurf is expert at helping you with a custom email solution to suit your business.  And, if you’re looking for just the right custom domain name, check out our library of names, or let us help you brainstorm the perfect name to brand to your business.  Descriptive names are best as they brand what you do to your business.

Customer Relationship Management AKA CRM… a long description for “frequently keeping in touch with your customer/client”.  Basically, MindSurf will help you setup a database/emailing service that allows you to automate your newsletter subscription list and simplify e-newsletter mailings.  Further, we will write the newsletters for you and program them into the database for professional-looking mailings.  The more communications your clients/customers have from you, the more likely they are to be repeat buyers and refer your services.  Let’s talk more about all the possibilities involved with this service!

MindSurf is also available to consult on business and marketing projects as a strategy consultant… to help you define how to best reach your target market and brand your marketing materials.

Having just the right domain name is critical for a business’ image, and possibly online success.  The trend now is to have a descriptive name rather than a company name or abbreviation.  A descriptive name calls to the viewer, telling them exactly what you do, branding your business to that name… and it’s easy to remember and spell.  Plus, the right descriptive name has a certain amount of inherent credibility such as many of the premium names MindSurf has for sale.  Example, FamilyLawCA.com, FoodForParty.com, RooferForYouLA.com, HIVwellness.com… just to name a few.  For a complete listing of the names MindSurf currently has for sale, contact us quickly.  These names are one of a kind and when they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Why Choose Us

  • MindSurf is a boutique marketing studio celebrating 25 years in business.
  • MindSurf is small enough to care about you and your business and backs that up with personalized service.  That’s why MindSurf is 98% referral based.
  • MindSurf takes the time to learn about your business and industry to better serve you.
  • MindSurf builds relationships working together with many clients for over 15+ years.
  • MindSurf has a team of talented individuals with experiences in varied industries ready to help build your business!

What Our Client’s Say

I picked up Renee’s business card at a networking meeting and decided to give her a call.  I’m so glad I did!  She took over the site from another designer who produced an inferior product.  Renee has been a delight to work with, often going the extra mile.  And, I am so pleased with the finished website—with both the design and copy.  She took the time to learn about my specific business and created a vision for the site […]

Renee designed, wrote and built the website for my hypnotherapy business years ago.  Although Renee could make changes to the site quickly, perhaps the best thing I can say is that I have made virtually no changes over the years – because it was done right the first time.  My clients comment that my site was better and more comprehensive than my competitors.  I found Renee to be efficient, creative, dedicated […]

Over the past 18 years, we have worked with Renee for services including development of our website and maintenance of our email service.  We appreciate her professionalism and responsiveness when we need assistance.  When developing our site, her creativity and marketing knowledge helped us to grow the business […]

Karen Simon, PC Tech Associates

We came to MindSurf as a referral from another client. We didn’t have any sort of marketing or advertising program in place, and we wanted to establish a powerful internet presence. MindSurf took care of that!  […]

Star Marble & Tile

I know Renee has been doing websites for a long time, and I know through her experience and proven track record that Renee can make any company look great.  With the end goal being sales, that is what Renee is best at. […]