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MindSurf Helps Transform Your Business!

Are you ready to up your game and take your business to the next level of success? Or… are you starting out and need exceptional branding, image building and marketing tools to show off your expertise? Or… maybe you’ve been around a while and it’s time to polish your existing image and shine brighter?

Whatever your goals, MindSurf is here to help you achieve them at every stage of your business. We pride ourselves on creating marketing tools that get your business noticed.  Our over 50 years of combined experience and expertise in all levels of strategy, branding, marketing, design, writing, programming, and digital & Internet solutions, make MindSurf the perfect partner to help grow your business.



MindSurf prides ourselves on developing beautiful, intuitive, enticing AND responsive custom websites that help you connect with your target market and appeal to your customers.


Website Designed for accurate display in ALL MOBILE formats, i.e., SmartPhone, Notebook, Tablet and Laptop & Desktop (PC & Mac) viewing.  Other features include:

  • In most cases, MindSurf will build your new website in WordPress.  It’s our specialty.  
  • If your site is an E-Commerce, Custom database site e.g., Membership site, Ordering site, CMS (Content Management System), etc., we’ll choose the foundation most beneficial for your project or custom build one.  We’ll discuss all in detail with you.
  • Colors and design will coordinate with your brand’s colors.
  • Research on your industry and unique business will be completed
  • Brand Strategy will be developed for your website design
  • If copywriting is included with your website, the style will integrate with your brand identity.
  • Often times, MindSurf’s design style includes eye-catching, engaging photos for illustration.  As applicable to your design, agency photos will be included in your package.
  • Eye-catching Calls To Action
  • Google Analytics performance software
  • Anti-Spam features
  • SSL Security Certificate & security features to minimize website attacks
  • ADD-ONS:  Copywriting, Website Hosting, Landing Pages, Monthly Care Plan, E-Commerce Store, SEO, Social Media page creation and marketing.

Please fill out our client website questionnaire prior to your free consultation.  It’ll help us utilize our time more efficiently so we can provide a customized quote for your unique project.


Effective marketing materials are more than just design… they have to include stylized copywriting that gets the attention of your target market.  And, there should be different styles and tones of writing for different types of marketing pieces!  For example, what works inside a brochure does not necessarily work inside a website.  There are different styles, tones and approaches dependent on the marketing where the copy will be placed.  

MindSurf is expert at what’s needed for your assorted marketing pieces and we love helping our clients create effective pieces that help their business get attention and grow.

Don’t struggle trying to create copy  yourself.  We take the time to research your industry, your business and write benefit-oriented copy to grab your reader’s attention and compel them to take action.  Whether it be for a website, e-newsletter, brochure or even business writing… let MindSurf do the work so you can concentrate on what you do best!

Dependent on your project, we will put together a package to best suit your needs.


Your logo is the first impression of your company.  How does it represent your business?  Is it old and tired?  Or sharp and modern?  What do the colors say about your business?  Do you even have a professional logo?  Or, was it a “do-it-yourself” project?  Are you creating a cohesive, consistent brand across all of your marketing materials?

MindSurf creates beautiful branding for our clients and carries the “look and feel” across all your marketing materials that we develop—both digital and print.  Website, brochures, flyers, e-newsletters, business cards, etc.  We take the time to learn about your business and strategize on the best way to portray it and appeal to your target market.

And, if you already have a logo that you prefer to use, we’ll create beautiful marketing pieces around it… making your business shine.

Dependent on your project, we will put together a branding package to best suit your needs


We’re passionate about helping our clients look amazing. Whether you’re a start-up or have been around for a while and need to refresh your company’s image, MindSurf can help you stand out in a crowd. Let us design a new brand identity and custom website to enhance your company’s image and better appeal to your target customer.

You only have 15 seconds to get someone’s attention. What will your logo and website say about your business in 15 seconds. MindSurf will develop a complete “All-In-One” package to energize your business and get you noticed!


  • Everything in the Custom Website Package
  • Website content development
  • Copywriting of Home Page and 5-10 interior pages depending on final budget
  • Branding package including brand identity, logo, color scheme.
  • BRANDING ADD-ONS:  Designing of Business Cards and Letterhead
  • WEBSITE ADD-ONS: E-Commerce Store, Website Hosting, Landing Pages, Monthly Care Plan, SEO, Social Media page creation and marketing.

Please fill out our client website questionnaire prior to your free consultation.  It’ll help us utilize our time more efficiently so we can provide a customized quote for your unique project.





    Every project starts with an idea, a concept to develop a new marketing tool or revise your existing one. We use strategy to make your project come alive, developing a blueprint. We learn about your business, your industry and highlight your brand in the best possible light.


    Now, we get creative! We design your logo, then design & write your website, brochure, other projects. For all, we’re careful to match design to your brand, follow the style of writing appropriate for each medium & create "friendly" navigation for websites & intuitive layout for all projects.

  • 3. DEVELOP

    We then take your creative elements & develop results-driven marketing pieces that truly reflect your business & brand. Whether it’s a website, brochure, e-newsletter, blog, etc. All materials must fit together with the same look & feel to resonate your message & appeal to your target market.


    After development, we start testing & proofing. Your website & other digital projects are tested to verify all links work; checked for correct mobile viewing on smartphones & tablets, also on laptops & desktops. All your materials are proofread & layouts verified.

  • 5. DELIVER

    Now, comes our favorite step… delivering your new marketing tool! With time and dedication, all these coordinated tasks come together producing a successful addition to your arsenal of marketing solutions to help grow your business. Don’t waste time… we're here to work together!



  • Web Development

    • Responsive Website Design
    • Custom Websites
    • Custom Database Websites
    • Content Management Systems
    • Member Websites
    • Ordering Websites
    • WordPress Specialists

    E-Commerce Development

    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify
    • Custom E-Com Websites

    App Development


  • Strategy

    • Brand
    • Target Market
    • Site Content
    • Website Usability
    • Copywriting-Web & Print
    • Content Development
    • Blogging
    • Social Media Writing
    • Website Articles
    • E-Newsletters & E-Books
    • Business Writing & Emails
    • Proposals
    • Magazine Articles
    • Corporate Identity


    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Email List Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Marketing (PPC) AKA Pay Per Click
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Product Sales Web Pages
    • Marketing Campaigns


    • User Interface Design
    • User Experience Design
    • Wire Framing
    • Website Maintenance
    • Website Hosting
    • Custom Email Hosting
    • Domain Names
    • Mobile App Development
    • Print Materials e.g.
    • Tri-Folds, Brochures,
    • Flyers, Postcards To
    • Match Your Brand
    • Consulting
    • Client Support!
    • Client Training
    • And More—Just Ask Us!