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“I want to give a very special thank you to Renee of MindSurf. Often in business, those of us without a team of people to help us market and build our business simply go through trial and error trying to find the right experts. Well, after a long arduous process, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Renee. I hired Renee because my current website though it appeared to be good, didn’t run well, nor was completed the way that I wanted and needed it to be. When Renee met with me and looked through what my current issues were. I was immediately at ease. She was clear, concise, and began to tackle the issues right away. In addition to her professionalism and expertise, Renee offered additional insights that not only improved the inner workings of my website, but polished it from bottom to top. She improved the site so that it worked smoother and more efficiently for my patients and site visitors, while making the visuals and overall look sparkle. As well, she rewrote most all the copy within my website. After completely revamping my website, Renee took to creating new branding for my company, creating all my new marketing materials… brochures, flyers, and e-newsletters.

Also, Renee took a surgical approach to our contract, and without priming, explained everything in her contract and what I can expect. Her ethical and moral approach were transparent and honored me as a fellow colleague rather than a client to be sold. Last, but certainly not least, Renee’s capacity to handle my website is seemingly only part of the tools in her toolbox. Surprisingly, Renee offered business insights that have helped carry me to the next level in my career. I now have a vision and plan that will keep the growth of my business sustainable and efficient. Needless to say, Renee via MindSurf completely surpassed my expectations! I am gladly going to continue to work with MindSurf, as I know I will be in quality hands for the foreseeable future. She is indeed a strategic partner for your business.  Thank You Renee!!!”

Jordan Marks, Founder, Mind-Body Healing Center


“I have worked with Renee on multiple projects and she has always exceeded my expectations. We had an issue with our previous website, I contacted Renee and she was able to provide us with a new, clean and very user friendly website in less than a week. She promptly responded to our emails and concerns. We now have a modern looking website that we are extremely proud to show. Take a look for yourself!  We highly recommend MindSurf and thank you Renee for all your help.”

Seda Rashidi, Limited Ink Studios, Studio Rentals


“I would like to thank Renee and her entire team at MindSurf for their incredible work in helping our charity Dive Warriors build and maintain our website. Every step of the way they have been there, offering ideas and suggestions to make our website the best it can possibly be. Renee and her team are always there to go the extra mile and make sure everything is working correctly. In a world where so many companies try to get the job done as quickly as possible you will find working with MindSurf a refreshing change of pace. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a web designer.”

Brad Mirman, Founder, Dive Warriors, Non-Profit For Disabled Veterans


“I picked up Renee’s business card at a networking meeting and decided to give her a call.  I’m so glad I did!  That was years ago, and since then she has produced two websites for me.  This last one was just completed and she restructured, redeveloped, redesigned, rewrote and enlarged the entire site.  It’s a brand-new site that was designed specifically to appeal to the Millennials, my target market.  Renee has been a delight to work with, often going the extra mile.  And, I am so pleased with the brand-new website—with both the design and copy.  She took the time to learn about my specific business and created a vision for the site.  In fact, she suggested a number of things that I have incorporated into my business model.  Renee did an excellent job of capturing my business image and integrating it into a professional web site that’s truly an extension of my company.  I feel very confident in recommending her services as a web site creator, writer and marketing consultant.”

Ricki Lewis, Special Event Genie (R), Wedding & Event Planner

“Over the past 20 years, we have worked with Renee for services including development of our website and maintenance of our email service.  We appreciate her professionalism and responsiveness when we need assistance.  When developing our site, her creativity and marketing knowledge helped us to grow the business.  Renee used marketing concepts to develop the site starting from the ground up.  She took a lot of time to strategize on the project so that we would appeal to the best target market for our business.  Renee was able to take our company’s philosophy and vision and turn it into ART!  Even though the site has been up for a while, we still get results.  The site continues to encourage potential clients to pick up the phone!  As computer consultants, we wanted a lot of information for prospects to learn more about how we could help them.  Renee was able to take all of the information we had and incorporate it into a user-friendly site—one that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer.  And, it is still effective to this day.  I would highly recommend Renee for your next website and marketing project!”

Karen Simon, PC Tech Associates, Computer Consultant


“I strongly recommend Renee for your writing assignment.  I have worked with Renee for more than two years now.  She rewrote my entire website with creativity, skill and sensitivity to the topic: my retirement community.  People are attracted to the website, which leaves them with a better understanding of the nuances of my community and its residents.  Not only did she write the website, but Renee also writes and maintains my Blog in an imaginative manner, so the reader feels as if they are there as one of the residents.  Renee also wrote our brochure which is enticing and informative.  People comment that it leaves them wanting to learn more about our community.  Additionally, she developed a power point presentation for my business that was shown to 90 professionals.  It was thoughtful, imaginative, personal, at times serious but also entertaining and in the end, had many in the crowd near tears.  Renee consistently performs these tasks in a professional and skillful manner at a very reasonable price so I plan on continuing to use her for all my upcoming projects.”

Sam Rosenberg, former Executive Director, Holiday Villa East, Retirement Community


“Renee designed, wrote and built the website for my hypnotherapy business years ago.  Although Renee could make changes to the site quickly if I wanted, perhaps the best thing I can say is that I have made virtually no changes over the years – because it was done right the first time.  I have had clients comment that my site was better and more comprehensive than my competitors.  I found Renee to be efficient, creative, dedicated and timely in building my website.   The writing is crisp, informative and engaging. Probably my favorite part of the website, which I never would have thought of, is the inclusion of a number of really interesting, cool photos that give potential clients an idea of the types of people who may want my hypnotherapy services: a stressed out child, an athlete, someone biting his fingernails, a woman in baggy clothes because she is losing weight, a person afraid of getting blood drawn, a really angry person, a cigarette smoker, etc.   A client in Texas e-mailed me recently with a question.  She also said the following in her e-mail:  “And, I love your website. It’s very dramatic. It’s the epitome of ‘a picturesays a 1000 words.'”  This website has been a great marketing tool for me and I’ve gotten more clients as a result.”

Bruce Bonnett, Bruce Bonnett Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapist


“Thank you for the wonderful website, which helped us land a $470,000.00 account.  While I think we both developed a few gray hairs over this project, I praise your company for being sensitive to our company’s needs and responding to our demands quickly and professionally.  We are indeed fortunate that we had you to be just as dedicated to our company’s image as we were. You worked with us for hours to ensure that our website met our needs and the needs of our future clients.  The website looks great and I will be honored to refer your services.”

Benita Sims, Former Vice President of Operations, Exacta Messenger, Messenger Services,


“I’d like to provide a testimonial for the web site design that Renee at MindSurf creates.  I have seen many of the websites that Renee has created and she does a very professional job.  As a commercial photographer, I want my photography to be presented in the best possible way.  Having photographed several assignments for Renee and seeing the finished websites, I’ve been very impressed with the functionality of the sites and the design and copy that let’s the viewer know exactly what the company does and the quality of their work.  I know Renee has been doing websites for a long time, and I know through her experience and proven track record that Renee can make any company look great.  With the end goal being sales, that is what Renee is best at.”

David Blattel, David Blattel Photography, Commercial Photographer

“Office machines I know… writing I am not so great at.  That’s why I have Renee at MindSurf write my important business letters for me.  I tell her my ideas and she writes the letters perfectly, making me look more professional.  Also, she wrote the resume for my nephew, an engineer, who landed a job from it.  I always call Renee for my business and family writing needs.”

Anna Virgen, Adtec Business Machines

“Dear Renee, Thank you for your amazing work! I appreciate all you do and have enjoyed working with you all these many years. Peace & love.”

Debra Smalley, Debra Smalley Luxury Real Estate, Broker

“Renee designed and wrote my website and I’m exceptionally pleased with it. She approached the project in a professional, timely manner. She also spent a lot of time researching my type of business and spending time with me.”

Arnon Tassa, Dragonfly Fitness, Fitness Equipment Sales/Service/Repair

“I wanted to send you this email because as usual you’ve done a fantastic job designing and writing the website for my client Law Offices of Spaulding and Spaulding.  I can always count on you to come through and design a site that works for my clients. I’m always looking forward to referring clients to you because I don’t have to worry about the results…They’re SPECTACTULAR. Keep up the good work.”

Robert Gantt, Internet Marketing Consultant


“I first meet Renee at a networking meeting. I was in the need of some reliable web site hosting. This was due to some serious problems I was having with my then current host-er. Renee had good references in the group in both web site design and reliable hosting. Based on these inputs I decided to use her for my web site hosting. She worked efficiently and diligently to transfer our web site from one hosting site to the new site. This was done without any down time with our site. The new site has been problem free for us. It is reassuring to us to know if we ever do have a problem, Renee is local and highly responsive to solve our problem as opposed to a large organization where you are only an account number. Great job Renee!”

Bob Snyder, Signs of LA, Custom Sign Fabrication Company

“I am very happy with the two websites that Renee created for me and they helped me increase my patient load.”

Karen Sandler, D.O., Physician, Retired

“I Nick Mendoza would like to share my experience with you regarding Renee.  As we were working on my website, she always had the patience, the wisdom, the professionalism and the skill to execute the job right.  I am very happy with my website, and I do get a lot of complements.  I will highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Nick Mendoza, R an N Electric, Electrical Contractors

“We came to MindSurf as a referral from another client. We didn’t have any sort of marketing or advertising program in place, and we wanted to establish a powerful internet presence. MindSurf took care of that! They took the time to learn about our business and developed a same plan for a website that would attract our target market. Renee was great in explaining every detail of the project, every step along the way–“holding our hand” when necessary, and just plain having tons of patience with us as we ventured into an area that we had no previous experience with. We are so happy with her professionalism and expertise, and the wonderful website that she developed. Our particularly favorite parts are the gallery–it’s very cool–and the design file upload form. People are constantly praising us on the website, and we are getting clients from it.”

Star Marble & Tile, Marble, Tile and Stone Fabricator/Installer