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LET'S SPEAK ABOUT DEATH -BRANDING, WEBSITE & WRITING - MindSurf - Creative Marketing Solutions
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Skills Used

Strategy, Branding, Website Development, Content Development, Copywriting, Hosting

About This Project

Sharon Ziff, RN called on MindSurf to help with her startup business, Let’s Speak About Death.  She provides workshops on dealing with preparations for and the various issues revolving around death so that people can have a better “last chapter.”  MindSurf helped Sharon organize her workshops, define her business goals and direction, and strategize on how best to market to her target audience.  MindSurf was commissioned to create a company logo, website and an email marketing program.  This is the website we created for Let’s Speak About Death.  Sharon’s main goals with the site are three-fold: (1) capture an email subscription list to send her newsletters.  We accomplished that by adding a custom subscription page which links to the email list-keeper service; (2) have a self-maintained blog that was prominent in her Site.  That was accomplished by having the blog scroll through the home page as well as have a dedicated section; and (3) have a resources page to refer people to helpful resources.  This also was built into her Site. In addition to linking to her website to see our work, please be sure to also check out the LOGO we developed for Sharon.