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Project Description

Mind-Body Healing Center came to MindSurf to work on their unfinished website that was started by another designer.  It had errors, was poorly illustrated, and the architecture of the site was confusing and losing the site message.  The “bread and butter” of the Client’s business was not even properly promoted.  MindSurf took over and revamped the entire site, changing the formatting, improving the site message, redesigning and adding pages and rewriting most of the site copy.  We added a registration section so now the Client plans on making the site the foundation for an entire marketing campaign to include newsletters, marketing emails for workshops and products both in his online Marketplace and currently in development, etc.

As well, we added the e-commerce “Marketplace” to his site for selling products and a “Reading Room” for highlighting articles that the client and MindSurf have written to highlight his business. This section will expand significantly over the coming months.  Stay tuned as the entire site grows and flourishes.  Further, MindSurf has developed and produced print marketing materials for this client, starting with a Tri-Fold Brochure and 1-Sheet Flyer, both tying into the website image for a consistent “look and feel” and “read” throughout all his marketing materials.