Exacta Messenger Service Website 2019-08-27T06:10:55+00:00

Project Description

MindSurf developed Exacta Messenger’s first website many years ago, and it had much success in its day.  But as time evolves, so must your marketing materials and branding.  MindSurf just created a brand new, exciting site for Exacta Messenger that portrays a sleek, up-to-date image for its client market, the entertainment industry.  We started from the bottom up and re-branded, redeveloped, redesigned and rewrote the site.  And, of course making sure it was completely mobile friendly.  This site features two custom-programmed forms for new client account and job applications. As well, the navigation includes easy access points for online order taking and online package tracking.  Another feature is downloading their company brochure from the site as a “take-away.”  And speaking of brochures, we are now starting to further redevelop their brand by redoing the company brochure.  Stay tuned.  We’ll display it here when finished.