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Mind-Body Healing Center Tri-Fold

Since they were so pleased with our work on their website, Mind-Body Healing Center asked MindSurf to create print materials for their marketing efforts.  The first is this tri-fold brochure geared towards approaching parents to utilize Client’s Mind-Body Medicine Workshops for their children and adolescents.  It carries over the “look and feel” and “read” of the website as [...]


Mind-Body Healing Center Website

Mind-Body Healing Center came to MindSurf to work on their unfinished website that was started by another designer.  It had errors, was poorly illustrated, and the architecture of the site was confusing and losing the site message.  The “bread and butter” of the Client’s business was not even properly promoted.  MindSurf took over and revamped the entire site, [...]


Mind-Body Healing Center 1-Sheets

Since they were so pleased with our work on their website, Mind-Body Healing Center asked MindSurf to create print materials for their marketing efforts.  These are 1-sheet brochures geared towards attracting new clients for their Mind-Body Medicine Workshops for Adults and Mind-Body Men's Group.  They carry over the “look and feel” and “read” of the website as we [...]


Mind-Body Healing Center E-Newsletter

Mind-Body Healing Center asked MindSurf to create an E-Newsletter campaign, starting with an introductory letter to all their clients and associates. MindSurf strategized the content development, designed the piece to tie into client's brand, created the digital format, and wrote the newsletter content. MindSurf is also managing the campaign through a broadcast email system. Here's the second newsletter.


Limited Ink Studios Website

Limited Ink Studios came to MindSurf for an Internet presence.  They knew they needed to be online to promote their brand and business, but didn't need a typical site - they wanted something smaller.  So, MindSurf devised a functional and handsome one-page parallax website with bells and whistles... a "micro site" that gives them a creative brand to [...]


Dive Warriors Website

Dive Warriors, a non-profit, came to MindSurf when they were dissatisfied with their first website. They asked MindSurf to create a new site to help them achieve their main goal of creating a place where possible donors could view information about the charity, view photos from member activities and then be compelled to make an online donation with [...]


Medical Practice Website

MindSurf developed this website as a showcase for a forward-thinking medical practice as their main marketing tool. Not only does the site tell the story of the Practice, but it is intended to be a resource library for encouraging repeat visitors. In addition to site development, MindSurf wrote all website copy, including all the articles in the Reading [...]


Special Event Genie (R) Website

Special Event Genie® came to MindSurf to work on their fairly new website. It was filled with mistakes and coding problems. MindSurf fixed the site errors, revamped the site adding a number of sections.  Further, it is currently redesigning the site to be more appealing to their target market (millennials) and enhancing the site to be more mobile-friendly.  [...]


Dragonfly Fitness Website

Dragonfly Fitness asked MindSurf to develop a website with a modest budget that would complement their online marketing efforts. They have been successful in driving traffic to their site, getting calls for their services… repairing, maintaining and assembling gym equipment. MindSurf developed, designed and wrote the website.


Spalding Attorneys Website

The Internet Marketing Specialist working for Spalding Attorneys asked MindSurf to develop a website to be their main online marketing vehicle, showing off all of their diverse services. They wanted a site that would have “meat” to it and be content heavy. MindSurf not only researched the content, but it wrote the entire site, designed and developed it [...]